April 20, 2003 - 21:04

I've been thinking all day of something clever or interesting to write here. It's not happening.

Let's see...what to say?..I still don't have enough paying clients. I have plenty to do on my international stuff but I need more income to break even.

I need to do my taxes this week. That sucks pretty huge because I expact to have to pay this year.

I've got a presentation to make to a prospective client on Thursday. I'm looking forward to that because there's some really interesting work to be done there.

Luvofmylife and I picked out her baby grand piano on Friday. As soon as we find a place to live in TO, we'll have it delivered. She can't wait to get her fingers on the keyboard.

Hmmmm...I want to write something more profound but it's just not coming to me today.


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