May 22, 2003 - 20:14

At last!!

At long farghin� last!!

The logjam that is my life has finally un-clogged.

I know I seemed pretty pleased about finishing that last unending contract, but I�ve been going through a bit of a dry spell since then. I�ve been through those before but that was pretty much on purpose. I�ve been trying to land another really interesting contract since then for about the last two months. Meetings kept getting canceled. There were always new conditions and other people to consult. Well�On Monday, I finally got some signatures.

So, my motivation to write in a diary was pretty low that whole time. My focus has been elsewhere.

The thing is, being stalled like that put everything on hold. I had to give up my apartment in TO because it was bleeding my reserves. L couldn�t dump her job (she�s been planning to for the last year now) until I had something in the can. We couldn�t put our house up for sale �til we knew whether we would move to Toronto permanently or not. It�s like being stuck in concrete, I tell ya.

Now we can look for a descent place and plan our move. Once we�ve done that, L can have her grand piano moved in. (I told you about the piano, didn�t I?)

So I�m a pretty happy little Arc, all right.

I would have posted a few days ago, but this �high speed� broadband hook-up seems to seize right up just when I want to get into Diaryland - not to mention all the times when Diaryland is just down.

Well�that�s it for now, I guess. Don�t hurt yourselves.


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